Other activities

  • Working or operating proceedings (O.P.). R.D. 1215/97.
  • Working license (P.T.).
  • Safety and health plans. R.D. 1627/97 Dispose of aforementioned service for drawing up the safety and health plans under the terms of the art. 7 from the aforementioned legal text.
  • Safety and health studies. The companies that carry out promotion under the terms of the Royal Decree 1627/ 97, may solve their obligation of drawing up the aforementioned studies turning to our services.
  • Computer and documentary support for the management of contracts, subcontracts and self-employed workers in building works.
  • Computer and documentary support for the planning and maintenance of collective and individual protections.
  • Preventive resources for the supervision and watchfulness in building works.
  • Subvention management based on improving the safety and health conditions (acquiring machinery, auxiliary means, emergency equipment …).
  • Training activities derived from the applicable Collective Agreements.