1. Professional Risk Assessment. Concerning every one of the working places, a study or an updating of the Professional Risk Assessment is carried out under the terms of the article 16 of the Law 31/95 for Professional Risk Prevention.
  2. Prevention Plan. Attainment deadlines for the foreseen objectives with prioritization criteria, assignment of the persons in charge for preventive measures development and for the moderation of economic resources to be destined and their relation with the danger degree.
  3. Follow up the preventive action plan. On site reports are arising, and they serve as continuous records of the variations, changes of the working conditions, introduction of technologies, working places variation or any situation of changes within your company.
  4. Emergency measures. Elaboration of the self protection handbook/ Emergency plan, and its implementation.
  5. Training activities. Training directed to all workers and oriented for announcing the basic rights and obligations with regard to professional risk prevention, make aware and encourage the implementation of the preventive culture, try the integration of the preventive action involving the staff, theoretical and practical training for developing the functions to be fulfilled under the terms of the article 19 of the Law 31/95 and promote attitudes related to the adoption of emergency measures. IN audiovisual, printed, e-learning platforms FORMATS.
  6. On site inspections. Supervision and inspection activities oriented to observing deviances and/ or advances in the system for the risk prevention management of your company
  7. Accident Investigations. With our investigation methods of health damages, under the terms of the article 16.3 of the Law 31/95 and incidents’ investigation, we pay attention with a correct vocation to those situations implying health damages (accidents at work and professional diseases). Investigation as a consequence of the health surveillance activities that would highlight damages for the health, and the appearance of clear signs about the unsuitability of the preventive system.
  8. Legal advice. Before applying the regulations as regards the Professional Risk Prevention, we advise with regard to legal updating affecting particular companies for their activity or characteristics.