Experts’ Reports

PREVITALIA fulfils experts’ reports as a support in lawsuits having civil or penal character, carrying out an exhaustive investigation of the accident determined, the grade of observance of the regulations on the subject, the risk factors originated, the objective causes and the adaptation and suitability of the adopted safety procedures. The expert’s report brings forward an objective vision of an independent entity, uninvolved in the process, and places at the disposal some conclusions that serve as an argument for facing a lawsuit from an expert, professional and objective knowledge of the facts.

It is mainly addressed to lawyers, prevention services, mutual employers’ associations, companies and private individuals.

  • Judicial expert’s reports as argument of the party or ex-officio.
  • Extrajudicial expert’s reports
  • Advising addressed to lawyers and experts

Intervention fields:

  • Working safety: Collective protection systems – machinery and installations adjustment -Use of EPIS – Setting adjustment -Budget analysis.
  • Ergonomics
  • Industrial Hygiene
  • Psycho-sociology
  • Health watch
  • Environment