Training as a System


PREVITALIA bases its training activity on the systemic planning of it; in such a way that every training project it tackles for its client companies is done analyzing the following parameters:

  • Training Necessities Study and coherence with the business purposes and goals that must be coherent in their turn with the legal mandate and the agreement subscribed by the employers’ and union organizations.
  • Establishment of training objectives, in order to satisfy the anterior necessities.
  • Contents’ Definition, appropriate to achieve.
  • Establishment of the most suitable training strategy and/ or methodology.
  • Teachers’ Selection, according to the required competence profile: Technical Competences, Human Competences (for relating, for communicating, for working in a team) and the specific competence as a Trainer. In that respect, PREVITALIA has developed a course of training for trainers that must be fulfilled by every teacher who teaches afterwards its courses, both the ones belonging to its staff and the people punctually hired for teaching those courses.
  • Drawing up learning measurement or assessment instruments, based on those criteria that will most accurately reflect the training results in the organization.