The methodology to be used in these courses corresponds to the so called “Seminary workshop”. Seminary, because is essentially participatory. Workshop, because learning is based on the preparation of “products”, related to the objectives.


The safety promotion together with the maintenance of safety conditions of machinery, tools, equipments and work places are preventive measures par excellence. However, the training techniques applied for acquiring the safety competences are the ones that best qualify the workers, not only concerning the risks they may be exposed to, but also regarding the preventive measures to be adopted and the protections to be used in order to eliminate those risks.

The legal mandate to integrate the Management of the Professional Risk and Environmental Prevention in the company is a challenge which we constantly respond to, establishing the following objectives:

First, to implement in the working centers or in the projects of its client companies, a System for the Management of the Professional Risk and Environmental Prevention, following the recommendations of the regulations that are considered to be the most effective. (OSHAS, ISO or code ASME).

Second, integrate the safety within the work processes, since the workers’ safety is not something separated from the tasks they are carrying out: it is either integrated in each task, each stage of the process and in the whole process, or it does not exist:

The third objective seeks the excellence in the management and the line for achieving it consists in making the safety be a target shared by all the company’s agents (Shared Safety). But this is possible only if an effective leadership is exercised by the company’s board and directorship, whose main mission in this task is the one of introducing safe working habits to all the workers.

PREVITALIA has been using this instrument in a habitual and permanent way in its advising processes with the client companies, proposing training plans according to the following principles:

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