PREVITALIA is accredited as external prevention service, which enables us to authorize training activities on subjects like risk prevention and professional health. (No. 33/0022/2002)


Moreover, it has been recognized by the Foundation authorized for this purpose, under the No. 0110080253, being accredited to teach within the entire national territory the following training actions defined in the General Agreement of the Building Industry Sector 2007-2011:


  • Permanent Class or Initial Level.
  • Managing staff from companies.
  • Site Managers and Execution Technicians.
  • Intermediate leaders.
  • Administrative assistants.
  • Bricklaying.
  • Demolition and rehabilitation works.
  • Formworks
  • Steel framework
  • Plaster covering.
  • Stonework
  • Painting.
  • Paving and tiling.
  • Operators of lifting machines.
  • Operators of vehicles and machinery for soil removal.
  • Operators of manual equipment.
  • Basic Level for prevention in building industry.