FERROVIAL Collective Protections assembly in the Venta de Byears High Speed Railway Junction

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SERVICE AREA: Installation and maintenance of Collective Protection Systems.

This project represents the connection triangle of the Madrid-Segovia-Valladolid high speed line and its continuity towards Burgos, as well as the connection with the Palencia-León-Asturias high speed line. They have a joint length of 8 kilometers and go entirely through the localities of Venta de Byears, Soto de Cerrato and Villamuriel, all of them located in the Palencia province.
The works considers the building of two viaducts, one over the Pisuerga River and the other one passing over the A-62 dual carriageway, the Madrid-Hendaya railway and the Pisuerga River.
Besides these elements, the works also includes the building of a pergola, that allows different level crossing for the connections Valladolid-Burgos and León-Palencia-Burgos.

PREVITALIA carries out the installation and maintenance of collective protection systems, signposting and signaling on this section.

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