We are an international company, pioneer in the field of prevention of the professional risks. We are specialized in offering efficient solutions adapted for the needs of each business project. With more than 13 years of activity, our services incorporate the experience and knowledge acquired by working in sectors with a marked preventive accent like iron and steel industry, metallurgy, mining industry, and construction of great projects of civil engineering and building.

We plan, organize and introduce effective systems for the health, integrity and welfare of all the workers from the company, while making compatible their working processes with the environment in which they take place. The main objective, minimize risks.

The constancy, the proactive attitude, the absolute vocation with the client and the innovation are our signs of identity. We have been the first ones to execute an integration of the work safety and health, the first ones to create a sub-sector in the world of prevention (technical assistance for preventing professional risks), the first ones to include the concept of prevention for the environment and we shall be the first ones to develop new preventing solutions depending on the future needs.