Manager’s Letter


David Fontecha - General Manager

Since we started our activity in 1997 and up to present days, our mission has been and still is that of making people’s work a safe way of life. In order to do that, we shape a complete, coherent service, committed to the objectives that our clients have in matters of preventing risks and professional health, including the environmental ones in those related aspects. It’s complete and puts into practice and harmonizes all the fundamental tasks on these subjects.

A Necessary Service

We that make up PREVITALIA think that only with specific and specialized resources the Work Safety and Health contributes to harmonize the productive needs of every project with the ones of the people who make these projects possible.

Fortunately, there are already going by the times when the workers’ safety was remembered only when the absenteeism was increasing, the productivity was diminishing or on occasions of the funerals of a fellow who died while he was working. Only then there were taken – are taken – corrective measures, after analyzing statistically the accident, its causes and the nature of its effects. Our service is based on the management of work safety based on planning, studying and quantifying the needs, on assigning the best human and material resources, and on its permanent improvement; more than on intuitive observation and assessments, or on a reactive response to unforeseen events.

A Coherent Service

We have solutions so that those who hold the responsibility to manage other people’s work have the necessary tools for promoting their safety. Those who carry it out include, together with the quality, the responsibility of working safely that has every good professional. This way the custom will overcome the rule, and the preventive culture achieved will get ahead of the Law.

An Expert Service

The most relevant companies trusted PREVITALIA for the development of their projects, in the field of civil building industry, construction and industry. We know they did that being convinced of the fact that, with a professionalized preventive structure and organization, their projects will increase productivity, they will be more profitable and will maintain a good image before society. Together we envisage the professional and environmental risks prevention as a strategic factor for the success of any project.

A Human Team

More than 100 people committed to their objectives, connoisseurs of your needs and with availability and proximity.