The Companies That Would Reduce the Accidents Pay Less Contributions

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The Social Security will reward with a contribution reduction those companies that succeed in reducing the professional accident rate. The amounts paid for industrial accidents and professional diseases will be reduced between 5% and 10%, according to a real decree approved yesterday by the Council of Ministers. The contributions for professional contingency represent the smallest part of all the company’s contributions to the Social Security, and this is why the effect of this measure will be limited. The 10% discount is reached if the company already received the economic incentive during a previous exercise. The contribution drop will benefit those companies which have been bringing in at least 5000 euros for professional contingencies in four years. In what concerns the SMEs, they must have paid at least 250 euros. That will be the maximum amount to be saved in the first year. For the following years, the limit gets up to 500 euros.

The royal decree recognizes incentives starting from 2009, therefore this year will be paid the amounts corresponding to the present and the anterior one. The companies will be able to claim it between April 1st and May 15th to the mutual insurance companies or the managing entities. The discount will be financed mainly from the mutual insurance companies’ surplus.

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