Safety Special Assemblies

Special Assembles CreaPREVITALIA

CreaPREVITALIA is a service of special assemblies and creative safety, directed to projects developed for industry, civil works and edification. We adapt the UNE protection regulations to each project, and certify each and every one of our assemblies.

At the same time, we are specialized in planning, assembling and maintaining temporary road signposting during interferences carried out to traffic roads.

Fields of action:

Collective protection at height: UNE 1263, UNE 13374, safety nets type S, Type U and Type T, metallic protections for edges.

Permanent and temporary lifelines with vertical and horizontal disposal: UNE 795C, UNE 353

Textile and metallic anchorage device: UNE 795

Temporary road signposting: Application of the rule 8.3 .I.C